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Please add an option for asking the donor if their employer matches gifts and allow the capability (for the donor) to search if their employer matches gifts. There is a tool called DoubleTheDonation that allows people to search if a company matches employees gifts. If we could offer this, the donor can search right away (if they don't know this info already).

  • Aparna Chidambaram
  • May 22 2019
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Ebony Wisoky commented
    25 Aug, 2022 08:17am

    The fact that this has been lying about for a year and a half worries me. It surprises me a little that this wasn't included in the OE donation forms because requesting a corporate MG is a prerequisite for almost all gift solicitations, especially annual giving. I really hope that happens soon! gartic phone

  • L Goodwin commented
    23 Nov, 2020 05:40pm

    I'm concerned that this has been sitting for a year and a half. A bit shocking to me that this wasn't built into OE donation forms, as asking for a corporate MG is standard in nearly all gift asks, especially in annual giving. I hope this becomes a reality and soon!

  • Aparna Chidambaram commented
    29 May, 2019 06:09pm

    Thanks, Chris and Ken. I look forward to the changes you plan on implementing.

  • Ken Cantu commented
    28 May, 2019 05:00pm

    Hi Aparna, I am the product manager for next gen donation forms. Just wanted to echo what Chris said and add that we have had a team do some research into DoubleTheDonation and other opportunities to streamline the overall process from back office perspective as well as online. Based on those findings I don't think our initial release for donation forms will include streamlining the back office as well so we can get the online part added more quickly. That online part is what is under consideration for next year as I think more research needs to continue for the back end. 

  • Chris Martin commented
    28 May, 2019 04:08pm

    Thanks for this suggestion Aparna. As our next gen donation forms (which will be natively available in RE NXT) are now in early adopter testing, we're looking at support for matching gifts in those new forms as opposed to in Online Express. I don't believe we'll see matching giving in those forms yet this year, but it's under consideration for next year.

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