Option to add a billing address AND a mailing address

Many of our donors have a billing address linked to their credit card and a separate mailing address where they'd prefer to receive their acknowledgement letter. It seems necessary for the donation form to have an option to say whether their billing address is their mailing address and, if not, add in a separate mailing address.

  • Anna Hermann
  • Oct 24 2018
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  • Guest commented
    10 Dec, 2020 11:36am

    Due to not having this feature we have to call close to 100 people to check to see if their delivery/ pick up address is different to their billing address. This is at least 2 days work for someone - please please build/ fix this feature!

  • marcia Nguyen commented
    9 Dec, 2020 01:41pm

    Also an issue with Registration forms - where a collection is different from the billing address.

  • Kelly Norris commented
    9 Dec, 2020 12:58pm

    I agree Anna - thank you for raising this in 2018! It is now commonplace across online platforms to have a separate billing and mailing address option. Frustratingly you do now have the option to include both the billing and mailing addresses on the donation form (there is even a tick box to confirm if the mailing address is the same as the billing), but you can still only pull through the billing address information. I'm not sure where the mailing address information is stored, but it is confusing to have the option to include it on the form and then not be able to access the information. We are now having to go back and contact all supporters that have registered for one of our events to double check if they have a separate mailing address, as we cannot access this information from when they filled in the form. The current workaround that we are now trying is to have the mailing address as an attribute, but this isn't ideal and could lead to more user errors on the form. I think a separate billing and mailing address option is now standard and an option our donors will look for.

  • Angel Gonzalez commented
    4 Dec, 2018 09:11pm

    So if someone were to make a donation and enter there mailing address and not the billing address would the transaction still get approved??

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