Allow an imported list for email in Online Express

This came up today because a user had a list of participants pulled using a participant query, but couldn't pull it into Online Express because it has to be a Constituent or Individual Query. So rather than exporting the ID from the participant query and copying the ID's into a constituent query, we could just import the list we already have. Also great for one off email blasts to folks you don't want to add to your database unless you get a response.

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  • Mar 15 2018
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  • Sunshine Watson commented
    August 16, 2018 15:36

    This is something that I believe many organizations struggle with. It is such a hassle to go to another email platform like Mailchimp to mail to outside prospect lists that are not appropriate to add to the donor database. It often requires Marketing to create the same email on both platforms or forgo using Online Express altogether because of this issue.

  • Guest commented
    January 09, 2019 21:50

    I also hate that you cannot use participant or event queries for OLX.

  • Charlie Goldberg commented
    25 Feb 00:27

    This is extremely important as we try and reach people with partner groups but have little other information to create a full RE file. Would be a very valuable addition.

  • Kathi Palitz commented
    25 Feb 08:09

    I have followed this idea for a while- we used to be able to pull an imported list into netcommunity for an email blast, but are not using netcommunity any longer and have therefore lost this functionality. I still would love the option, to blast participants for events mostly, however it is worth noting that at least in the UK, due to PECR, we shouldn't email anyone who hasn't told us they would be happy to receive email, and hence, all email recipients should have a constituent record where we keep the consent, as well as a record of the emails that they have received, their response and if applicable their choice to opt out. 

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