Price type availability - Limit the sale of price type by participation

I know this may seem counter to Fundraising (whereas, you want unlimited giving); however we've found that benefits and sponsor levels consistently increase giving year after year and more donors have the incentive to upgrade to a higher level of giving through these benefits.


This not only applies to larger scale events, but private benefits as well so bare with me.


I posted this question here:


I learned that it is not currently possible to limit the amount of sales on designated price type. I'd also like the price type to automatically link into Participation. Segmenting event sales out like this can also eventually lead into more fluid functionality with the Seating Wizard - Group by Participant ; then Seat By price type/unit sale.


For example: Lets say we have 3 sponsor types. $5000 (Gold) $2000 (Silver) $500 (Bronze). We have a capacity of 10 Gold sponsors; 20 Silver; and 50 Bronze. Typically I'd be forced to monitor the online event sales,with a capacity of 80, then remove the price type once a maximum has been met.


What I'd like to do, is integrate something like the seating wizard within the OLX form itself. It's a little confusing the way it is set now - where you can only limit the min/max of tickets an individual can buy. You can make it so an individual can't purchase more than 10 or 20 units at one time, but not prevent the user from potentially buying more than what we actually have allotted. I've attached some images to show how one smaller benefit is currently set up.

If we could some how get more in depth with capacity and linking Participation with Price Type and the seating wizard if desired, then we won't have to worry about overselling  limited seats - it would be very helpful!

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  • Jun 22 2017

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