Add Constiuent Spouses to the searchable function when importing gifts on Online Express.

It is very difficult (sometimes close to impossible) to link a gift to the correct record when the spouse of the main constituent chooses to make the payment because you can't search for their name.

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  • Mar 16 2017
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  • Steven Peno commented
    20 Dec, 2017 10:19pm

    Processing donations in OLX is ridiculous. I think whoever created the process doesn't understand efficiency, and has never done any serious data entry. Not searching any of the spouse fields is crazy, as is having to search by phone or email or address separately, because if you have more than one checked off, it won't find a record. And then there's its inability to identify that Ave. and Avenue are the same thing. It's been like this for years, and is beyond frustrating.

  • Guest commented
    27 Apr, 2017 09:52pm

    Spouses are equal partners in relationships - at least I hope RE thinks so! - and are equally legitimate donors. Having to vote for this option is a little beyond ridiculous. It should already be an option, otherwise, RE is only recognizing half of the giving potential of half of the couples in the database. How would it be, if we called a couple and said "Only Ned can donate online, because only Ned is a recognized donor in our donor database?" That would cause a lot of head scratching, and confusion, and unfair treatment of couples, and anger - no doubt - and possible loss of donors. Additionally, for a process that is supposed to be apparently so streamlined, has suddenly caused so much extra work for me. My work load is supposed to decrease, not increase. Please fix. Thank you.

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