Images and Videos in Donation Form Components

There REALLY needs to be an easier option for adding images to the donation confirmation email and screen. These are critical places to include more inspiring content for donors--and there REALLY should be a way to include a video in these places as well. I've seen a lot of NGO's add a "thank you" video that's really effective.

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  • Feb 28 2017
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  • Timothy Bolton commented
    3 May, 2021 07:01pm


  • Erin Callicott commented
    18 Jun, 2020 03:18pm

    Very suprised this is still an issue.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb, 2020 05:21pm

    I added our new logo to our Thank You email in November. Then we created an entire new website and the logo moved and I can't paste in the new logo location.

    Support literally said "it works sometimes." Seriously, you have a basic functionality that works "SOMETIMES"?!

    The NXT donation page still lacks basic options, like adding a tribute. I'm very disappointed in you Blackbaud. 

  • Lorena Cela commented
    9 Dec, 2019 03:17pm

    I am really surprised that this hasn't been addressed yet. Even the old cheat/work-around that we used to use to copy and paste an image location from the internet, no longer works...  


    Blackbaud - we'd love to see this extra functionality  - along with the extra merge fields, which were ALL available with NetCommunity - why not with OLX?

  • Karley Wren commented
    19 Dec, 2018 09:54pm

    Most organizations have less powerful tools than Blackbaud and they are fully capable of implementing this feature. I am disappointed that this feature is not already available.

  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2017 06:54pm

    Agreed!!! Everything Kim has listed! 

  • Guest commented
    7 Apr, 2017 06:45pm

    Agreed. Need to be able to UPLOAD images for banners, head shots for signing staff, signature images, embedding video. This is basic best practice stuff that Convio allows.

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