Current gift and recurring gift in one transaction

Our donors find it frustrating that they cannot make a gift right then set up a recurring gift of that same amount in one transaction. Many want to set up a recurring gift, but also want a gift to be processed right away rather than waiting until the first day of the next month.  This is especially true when we are conducting one-day giving campaigns such as "Giving Tuesday."  OLX requires two separate transactions to achieve this, entering much of the same information twice.  Other on-line giving sites I've seen allow for an immediate gift, and then offer the option such as "would you like to make that gift each month?"

  • Joe Patke
  • Feb 14 2017
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  • john mike commented
    21 Nov, 2022 09:22am

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  • Guest commented
    5 Nov, 2022 01:56pm

    It's fantastic to know you tried your hardest for the reoccurring present, but everything is well now and people comprehend your words.

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  • Rose Mery commented
    16 Apr, 2022 06:57pm

    It is good to know that you were trying your best for the recurring gift but it is okay now and people are understanding your statements.

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  • Guest commented
    14 May, 2019 07:01pm

    We are having this same issue, and would love for this to be an option for our donors!

  • Guest commented
    11 Apr, 2019 12:23am

    This is needed! We've stopped using the recurring gift option because too many of our donors were confused because they couldn't make their first payment on the day that they're filling the form out.  

  • Guest commented
    9 Jan, 2019 10:28pm

    Yes!  We've had several instances of donors setting up a recurring gift on say May 3 - and then they don't actually get charged until June 1 (we only offer 1st of the month payments as processing these gifts is such a manual process we only want to do it once a month), and by then, their credit card does not go through, and surprise, they don't respond to emails or phone calls.  So we have already sent out their membership benefits (which costs us money) and we got nothing in return.  They should have the option to be charged immediately and all further charges on the 1st of the month.  

  • Guest commented
    26 Nov, 2018 09:53pm

    Yes! and be able to say what month to start their donation.  We start our campaign in October, but most people pay monthly for a year so they should have the ability to say start this in January mot October.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jun, 2018 02:08pm

    We are receiving incorrect information which is causing lots of problem, even loss of some donation. In addition when we call donors they find it even suspicious as they did not receive any error while they made recurring gift. They are used to the PayPal system.

    I would like OLX/BBMS process the first installment right away so frailer will let the donor correct the information. I would prefer even monthly payment should be processed automatically like PayPal does, even on same date. Having so, the donor and we will only to handle the change of information on the card.

  • Candy Reichert commented
    22 Mar, 2018 03:45pm

    Part 2:  

    The problem is that even though I have all 31 days listed, the date that OLX automatically asigns as the date the recurring gift will start is the first day of the next month.  It should show the FIRST date available for the recurring gift to start, which would be the same date that the recurring gift is created!

  • Candy Reichert commented
    22 Mar, 2018 03:38pm

    The only way I've found to do this is to add a gift  frequency of Monthly, Specific date every month, and then add 31 different Add gift processing Date.  Then the donor can choose which day of the month they want to start their recurring gift, Which could be the same date they are setting up the recurring gift.  It would be nice to automatically have the 31 days available with out have to add each day seperately.

  • Catherine Janney commented
    22 Feb, 2018 08:52pm

    Yes please! We are likely not going to use the recurring gift feature because of this very limited functionality.

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2018 06:27pm

     eTapestry allows the donor to set up their own recurring gift schedule on the on-line form  and it is automatic from that transaction forward, you receive an email notification that the gift has successfully processed and is automatically added to the constituent record.    The RE NXT EFT XYZ batch manually  processing procedure involves reading too many instructions and  remembering to process the batches.   The steps a donor has take to make a gift and set up a recurring gift is not donor friendly.    I thought RE NXT had all this figured out. 

  • Guest commented
    5 Oct, 2017 06:52pm

    I just encountered this as well when trying to create an online form with the pledge or recurring gift option. Donors should be able to choose when they schedule their gifts!

  • S K commented
    8 Mar, 2017 09:34pm

    GREAT idea!

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