Blackbaud Merchant Services: The Transaction Search export should be Customizeable so when we check our transactions against what has been put into the system we can see only what we want to see and not all the credit card details...

Currently we have RE and Senior services for our business office.    We have to prove that the credit cards we have entered into the system are what BBMS says was entered into the system...  We would love to use the dispursement report,  however,  the development office dictates that as soon as the money comes in we have to send out Thank you letters.    thus we have to enter the credit cards into RE on the day that they come in thus when we send our daily total to the business office it includes credit cards for that day.    So we need a report from BBMS that shows that what we entered into the system is what is actually in BBMS...  So we use the Transaction Search and export the data file based on dates.... That export has 2 problems,  first it exports way to much information,  which would not be an issue but it is too big to fit on one piece of paper so we have to delete columns.  second the Dollar fields come into Excel as a text type of  "General"  and we need it to be either a number or Currency so that we can add up the total.   

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  • Feb 3 2017
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