Creating packages for appeals in OLX

We are currently using OLX email marketing as a follow up to our appeals and I would like to be able to make the appeals from OLX a package of the original appeal.  Because it's all related to the original appeal it would be really handy to track everything that way if OLX allowed us to create packages and then posted them to the appeal when you clicked on add this info to RE.

  • Mercedes McCay-Read
  • Jan 5 2017
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Kathleen Eastman commented
    5 Jul, 2018 01:27pm

    AGREED!! This needs to be fixed asap.

  • Guest commented
    14 Jul, 2017 09:08pm

    This is key functionality for something that is supposed to integrate with RE. 

  • Guest commented
    6 Jan, 2017 03:40pm

    I honestly can't believe this isn't implemented already. Even if an email is its own appeal, I should be able to choose how its information will be recorded before adding the information. Frankly, I shouldn't have to add the information separately, it should automatically synchronize with the RE records.

  • Guest commented
    5 Jan, 2017 11:59pm

    I agree. I would like to add different emails to the same appeal as different packages, especially if it is an email I send weekly, I do not want to clog up RE with lots of appeals.


    Also the appeal is created with lots of blanks were we enter info e.g. start date etc. I can edit them but if I do I want to add future recipients to the same appeal.

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