Discount Codes for Events

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  • Nov 29 2016
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  • pooja pandit commented
    14 Feb, 2023 09:50am

    good i like it

  • pooja pandit commented
    14 Feb, 2023 09:50am


  • mahreen khan commented
    8 Feb, 2021 08:43pm

    You should converse with your specialists and request their suggestions while picking a decent healing facility.w88ok

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov, 2020 12:52am

    In 2020 this is a huge gap in Blackbaud's event management capabilities and ability to compete in the event management space.

  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2020 11:14pm

    This would be a very helpful tool to have!

  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2020 07:19pm

    We really need to be able to use promo codes for our events as that would allow us to sell more and keep all of our work on this platform.

  • Kristi Pogatchnik commented
    24 Nov, 2020 01:07am

    I agree with Teddi Taylor - it's embarrassing that we cannot offer promo codes. Please make this feature available asap!

  • Lauren Noel commented
    20 May, 2020 10:49am

    It would mean we could sell more events via OLX and BBMS. At the moment we have to use other platforms.

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2020 04:17pm

    I have to import participants into RE from another registration platform those that we give promo codes to.....very frustrating that this is still not implemented.

  • Justin Barrett commented
    29 Jan, 2020 04:51pm

    It's really difficult to sell Online Express as an option for events, when something simple like discount codes isn't even available. 

  • Hannah Shaffer commented
    20 Jun, 2019 07:30pm

    This would be hugely helpful!

  • Miguel Guadalupe commented
    24 Apr, 2019 02:21pm

    This needs to happen. Otherwise we are forced to continue to use Classy for our events despite having just upgraded to NXT. 

  • Guest commented
    11 Apr, 2019 12:15am

    I get asked for this by my team every few months, then they look at me like I'm crazy when I say it's not an option in OLX. Please make me a hero and make this update!!!!!!!!

  • Teddi Taylor commented
    19 Mar, 2019 03:03pm

    It's embarrassing that OLX doesn't have this capacity. Platforms that charge only credit card fees and that organizations don't pay thousands of dollars for every year have this feature and more. Why does it take Blackbaud so long to implement these requested features? So disappointing.

  • Elaine Schneider commented
    6 Nov, 2018 10:03pm

    Yes discount options are need along with the option for a 100% discount or  "Complimentary" free tickets.

  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2018 07:52pm

    PLEASE!! PLEASE! PLEASE! This seems like this should be a given. Frustrating that requests has not been fulfilled yet. As others have mentioned that this has been a request for YEARS!

  • Lesley Richardson commented
    19 Jan, 2018 09:30am

    This is something management are very keen to have to encourage our supporters to attend multiple events during the year.

  • Shannon Gonzales commented
    21 Sep, 2017 10:09pm

    Event and Membership forms

  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2017 06:30pm

    I would love to be able to offer discount codes for events.  It is already an option on the event participant record, just needs to be added to the online forms!

  • Candace Chesler commented
    20 Apr, 2017 06:57pm

    Ideas 287 and 343 mention this idea as well

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