please enable html option in Online Express e-mail creator

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  • Nov 29 2016
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  • Laura Furtado commented
    29 Jul, 2021 03:17pm

    We need this functionality for our more experienced web designers to send custom emails. We currently use two different email platforms because we have some that need the drag and drop and those that need to edit with the html. Please add this functionality.

  • mahreen khan commented
    13 Feb, 2021 02:28pm

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    8 Feb, 2021 08:43pm

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  • Gary Voss commented
    2 Feb, 2021 10:08am

    HTML input is a standard feature for all email marketing platforms these days and we'd love to see it added to OLX.

    This feature would instantly upgrade the email marketing communication we're able to send. The current format is very limited and gives a very dated UX.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2020 11:32pm


    I would like to see the ability to have coding added in for calendar date button. As we continue in this virtual world, it would be great to have a button links to people's calendars.



  • Michael Kamara commented
    17 Dec, 2019 10:43am

    Surely, this will be implemented soon? It is very easy to do and would allow so much more customisation. Please help us rather than hinder, otherwise it just seems as though it's a decision based on money-making. 

  • Jennifer Brown commented
    21 Feb, 2019 04:46pm

    As an organization who serves people who are blind or visually impaired, not have access to html code makes are our emails not fully accessible.  

  • Guest commented
    26 Sep, 2018 01:42pm

    The basic e-mail building OE offers is great for those that don't have web or graphic design experience but it is SEVERELY limiting for those that do. It's absolutely ridiculous that this is not an option, whether it's for using a custom template or just trying to edit a line of code to fix a weird formatting issue. This is such a basic thing most e-mail marketing platforms offer!

  • Katherine Rose commented
    5 Apr, 2018 03:28pm

    Come on Blackbaud. This should not even require a vote. Please add html source code. 

  • Jeff Johnston commented
    27 Feb, 2018 10:21pm

    Online Express is pretty barebones in terms of features allowing design customization. From a branding perspective, OLX doesn't provide us any real ability to align our emails and donation forms according to our corporate stylesheet guidelines. As a result, it looks like a third-party app, rather than a seamless part of our corporate communication. Going from another product in the marketplace to OLX has been like regressing back about 15-20 years in time (a la Windows '98); it's even a few steps behind NetCommunity. Granted, we love the seamless connection to RE, and that's why we made the jump. But the migration has come at a huge price to our corporate branding efforts.

    Enabling HTML and the ability to upload our own templates would be two big steps in the right direction. This is a no-brainer, right? For users who don't need to worry about HTML, they can still use the current built-in features of OLX. But for those users—and there are likely quite a few—who need a more robust option on par with other email marketing programs, it would be a greatly appreciated advancement.

    Please consider enabling HTML in OLX.

  • Elizabeth Johnson commented
    10 Oct, 2017 05:06pm

    I would love to see an option that would allow a user to toggle back and forth between WISWIG and HTML view.

  • Guest commented
    9 Oct, 2017 03:00pm

    This is an option that most definitely needs to happen to at least compete with other email marketing platforms. 

  • Guest commented
    1 Sep, 2017 04:48pm

    I would definitely use this option.

  • Charlie Goldberg commented
    3 Aug, 2017 08:28pm

    Allowing html editing is a real need for users with more specific requirements

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